Coronavirus Programs

Animated Videos

We produce 24 animated videos focused on the prevention of COVID-19 with members of the community from Skagit, Olympia, Pierce County, Snohomish, King County, and Tri-cities. Educated 360 families around the state

Educational Economic Release

We provided to 75 families unable to receive unemployment benefit   around the state with

an economic release of $500.  The grantees also receive a training in the 7 step to reduce COVID-19 transmission.

We identify 25 people working in Restaurant impacted by COVID-19 pandemic to get $500 though Plate Fund in King County.


We distribute 5 sewing machines to our CHWs around the state to produce 800 masks. These mask were distribute in their communities by CHWs.

We distribute 2000 masks in King County, Grant County, Olympia, Pierce County, Snohomish, Edmons, Tri-cieites, Yakima to our farmworkers and other essential workers. 

Washington State, United States of America

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