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Recycling, Repair and Reuse

English script

There is nothing better than recycling repair and reuse

you are not throwing away the garbage. No my love because all our garbage reaches the sea.

Did you know that we have the ocean full of plastic and it takes almost two thousand years before it disappears from the earth.

Yes mommy at school, my teacher taught us that most plastic bags are not biodegradable, that is that are not easily removed.

That's not all daughter there is so much plastic in the sea that it is equivalent to five times the size of the United States and Europe and this is growing. Every second affecting the Marine ecosystem. Even the fish we eat.

Trying to use as few plastic bags as possible; reuse and recycle the ones that we already have.

One way to help is by using recyclable or cloth bags when we buy something and if it is not necessary, simply not use the bag with this.

We can put our grain of sand thanks I know what I'm going to tell my friends, so they can tell their families This is a message


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